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Aromatherapy Massage smells good. That much is certain. In Louisville, Kentucky, Dixon Martin, Kentucky Masseur, has an extensive collection of essential oils from which you may choose if you want Aromatherapy Massage. If there is a particular fragrance you enjoy, or if you are looking to achieve a specific goal, tell me. 

Unless you request otherwise, I lightly scent the sheets for your massage with essential oil and use oil with a clean, relaxing, refreshing scent of lavender, clary sage and lemon eucalyptus.

Some aromatherapists use synthetic fragrances, but Dixon Martin, Kentucky Masseur only uses natural essential oils. They can be more costly, but in my opinion, the cost is justified by better quality. In addition, I only use natural massage oils (which often serve as a carrier for the aromatherapy oil.)

Aromatherapy Massage can take a few different forms. It might be a Swedish Massage, but with essential oils added to the massage oil. It can also mean adding a few drops of essential oils to an ultrasonic diffuser so that the cool mist adds a fragrance to the room. It can also mean using incense to perfume the air. Whichever method you prefer, Dixon Martin, Kentucky Masseur can help.

From the beginning of time, humans have used aromas to treat emotional conditions. Smell is primal. All of us have aromas that we recognize immediately. Try remembering a baking apple pie. Your mother’s soap. Cinnamon. A campfire. 
There are claims of Aromatherapy Massage treating nearly every imaginable condition. The claims may or not be true. They can’t be documented via double-blind clinical trials, and because of the nature of essential oils, these studies can’t ever be done. 
  • Each essential oil has a distinct aroma. Some also have distinct feels. If the aroma is what defines the essential oil, it’s not really possible to treat some clients in a study with aromatherapeutic oils and others with inert versions of the same thing.
  • Essential oils are relatively inexpensive, at least when compared to pharmaceuticals. There is not enough profit to be had from selling the oils. 

Some people say that aromatherapy works because the nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system, which controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones. They say that inhaling essential oil molecules can cause the limbic system to transmit messages that affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion and the immune system.

Dixon Martin, Kentucky Masseur doesn’t make any health claims for aromatherapy. He knows that aromatherapy is pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable, but makes no claims beyond that.

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